Crusader: General Donn Starry and the Army of His Times

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“The Most Famous American General You’ve Never Heard of…”

A 1948 West Point graduate, Donn Starry entered the officer ranks during the inaugural years of the Cold War.  Although he missed combat in World War II and Korea, he became one of the most influential commanders of the Vietnam War.

Starry was a leading advocate for tank warfare in Vietnam and his recommendations helped shape the contours for American armor in Southeast Asia—and paved the way for his own success as commander of 11th Armored Cavalry during the invasion of Cambodia.

After Vietnam, Starry assumed command of the US V Corps, forward-stationed in West Germany.  During his 16 months in command, he thoroughly tested the doctrine of “Active Defense,” and used his observations to create a new doctrine: “AirLand Battle,” which paved the way for overwhelming victory in the Gulf War.

Like most battlefield commanders from the Vietnam era, Starry’s legacy is often overshadowed by the controversy of the war itself and the turmoil of the immediate postwar Army. However, with the invasion of Cambodia and the development of AirLand Battle, it is hard to imagine anyone who has had a greater impact on modern maneuver  warfare.


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